Hummingbird Pictures was formed in 2005 by filmmakers Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau and Holly Mosher as a distribution company for Side Effects and Money Talks.  When Kathleen first finished the screenplay for Side Effects, she was a finalist for the Open Door Screenwriting Contest and landed an agent for the script in Hollywood.  As the agent brought in professional rewriters, they started dumbing the script down, taking out all of the scenes Kathleen felt were critical to share with the general public and medical community... and going so far as to add car chases and other over-the-top commercial elements. Kathleen took the script back and decided to make the film herself.  Within three months she had raised $200,000 and had the film "in the can".

In March 2005, Side Effects premiered at film festivals and began attracting an enormous amount of worldwide press including an extensive CNN American Morning interview, a full page British Medical Journal review, a 3/4 page spread in USA Today and a 1000-word article by the Associated Press.  At that time, Kathleen and Holly were shopping the film to the major US film distributors.  During the ensuing negotiations, they came to the difficult realization that the distributors were not going to do justice to bringing the film to the people.  Kathleen and Holly refused to sign the deals and decided again to go it alone.

So Hummingbird Pictures was born.  The title for the production company comes from Holly's first film Hummingbird, which is a documentary about two groups in Brazil that work with street kids and women suffering domestic violence.

At the end of Hummingbird, a fable is told by one of the women running a shelter.  It goes like this: "There was a fire in the forest and all the animals are running around, going nuts. Then a hummingbird goes to the river and picks up a little bit of water in its beak and puts it on the fire. The lion sees the hummingbird and says: "Hummingbird, what the hell are you doing? Get out of here - protect yourself like everyone else." And the hummingbird replies: "I'm doing my part .  What about you?"  As in the fable, Hummingbird Pictures was started in order to bring socially responsible films into the world, making a difference one drop at a time.

Hummingbird Pictures makes and distributes films and radio shows including: Side Effects, Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety, Hummingbird, Bonsai People - The Vision of Muhammad Yunus and The Kathleen Show.

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